• Need a dynamic and interactive speaker for your next event?


    Native Hawaiian shaman, energy healer, lifelong hula dancer and 6-figure corporate consultant, Yvonne Ohumukini Urness brings ancient wisdom and modern business savvy to create a unique experience for your attendees. She can customize her presentation for your group and even create a personalized hula for your event theme or message.


    Contact us to find out more about having Yvonne create a dynamic and interactive presentation your audience will remember!

  • Workshops

    • Discovering Your Inner Goddess
    • Healing The Past For A Successful Future
    • Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur
  • Inspiration, Motivation, Team Building, Leadership

    • Keynotes
    • Breakout Sessions
    • 1/2-Day Interactive Workshops
  • Conferences, Conventions, Annual Meetings

    • Opening Chant, Blessing or Prayer
    • "Grounding" in preparation for rest of event
    • Clearing/Healing before/during event
  • Keynote and Workshop Topics

    • Discover the Power of Your Inner Goddess: Leveraging The Divine Feminine for a Happier, Healthier Life - Discover which Hawaiian Goddess Personality TypeⓇ is yours, its specific powers, talents and gifts, how to make confident decisions that leverage your innate strengths, and how to use your Goddess Personality TypeⓇ to positively impact your health, wealth and relationships.
    • The Power of Forgiveness: An Ancient Approach for Modern Times -Learn how to remove mental and emotional blocks that keep you from success, a gentle and effective technique to eliminate judgment and self-sabotage and a practice to use anytime, anywhere to go from overwhelm to calm in record time.
    • How to Think BIG in Your Business: Shifting Your Mindset to Take Your Business to the Next Level -The #1 secret for removing stumbling blocks and getting unstuck, how to identify and overcome resistance so you achieve your goals and the MUST-HAVE component for business success.