• Inner Goddess Integration Program

  • The Inner Goddess Integration program is a 9-month membership program that sprang from my Inner Goddess Retreat in Hawai'i. Now in its 5th year, the Retreat took place deep in the rainforest of the Big Island. It's a magical place and my attendees wanted a way to integrate the qualities and characteristics of their Goddess Personality Types® after they returned home. They wanted a way to keep hold of what they discovered; that they are profoundly powerful and that they have untapped gifts to share with the world.

    So I created the Inner Goddess Integration program.

    The Inner Goddess Integration program is for any woman who is truly open and ready to go deeper into her Goddess Personality Type®. It's for any woman who is ready to gain insights into who she is and how she can leverage her unique gifts and talents. It's for any woman who wants to fully express herself in her work, her relationships, and her well-being.

    And it's available to you, wherever you are, because we meet online and on the phone. No travel necessary!

    Here's what's included:

    • All Seven Goddess Personality Type® Profiles: In-depth profiles of each goddess including her story, color, power, element and talent. Profiles also outline the innate gifts and challenges of each Goddess Personality Type®.
    • Video - Invoking Your Goddess Personality Type®: Customized video and worksheet with easy, specific strategies to help you bring the energy of your Goddess Personality Type® into your everyday life.
    • Goddess Triads: An introduction to the power of three goddesses at once!
    • Weekly Message: A weekly message from me that will encourage and inspire you to tap into your inner goddess!
    • Monthly Group Calls: Each month we’ll gather together for a group call where I share an insight and answer your questions live on the call. 
    • Private “Inner Goddess” Facebook Group: Connect with me and the other goddesses in the program in our private Facebook Group. Make new friends, ask questions, and share your successes! This is a powerful way to stay in the energy of your Goddess Personality Type®. 

    Special Offers: Only Inner Goddess Integration program members will be eligible for the following special offers.

    • 1:1 Coaching: If you desire to work with me in private coaching sessions, you’ll receive a special, discounted price on 1:1 coaching packages.
    • 2018 Inner Goddess Retreat in Hawai’i: Inner Goddess Integration program members will have first-chance registration for next year’s Hawai’i Retreat—before it’s open to the public. The Retreat sells out every year, so if you're interested in attending next year, joining this group could secure your spot!

    You investment for this 9-month program is only $1,595. And you can choose to make one payment of $1,595 or four (4) payments of $429 per month.

    Are you ready to create the life you imagine?


    Enrollment for this exclusive group is now closed. If you have any questions, please email us at Concierge@HulaForThesoul.com

  •  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    I guarantee that you will learn more about what drives you, what motivates you, and how to leverage your innate gifts every day. I believe that this program will impact how you show up in the world as a powerful and confident woman. I believe in it so much that if you're not completely satisfied at the end of this 9-month program, I will happily refund 100% of your enrollment. I hope you'll join us on what promises to be a journey of transformation!