• Yvonne Ohumukini Urness

    As a contributing author in the book, Power to Change, I share my personal story of healing and forgiveness. It is my hope that my journey from childhood victim to successful wife, mother and businesswoman will both inspire and encourage you.

    A native Hawaiian shaman and healer, I call on the wisdom of my ancestors and my training in the Hawaiian healing art of huna to share an incredibly effective and ancient approach to forgiveness called ho’oponopono.

    As you apply the process of ho’oponopono in your life, you will experience the transformational healing power of forgiveness and understand the true meaning of aloha.

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    This comprehensive resource from 19 of the country’s top experts provides you with guidance, how-to skills, strategies and insight to give you everything you need to be who you most want to be and cultivate an inspirational life.

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    Yvonne Ohumukini Urness

    Yvonne Ohumukini Urness is the founder of Hula for the Soul and co-author of “Power to Change.” A native Hawaiian shaman and healer who calls on the ancient rhythms of hula and the ancient wisdom of her ancestors, Yvonne teaches women how to experience fulfilled and purposeful lives.

    A highly-paid corporate executive and communications consultant for global leaders including Nokia, Cisco and France Telecom, Yvonne leverages her corporate experience in living her life purpose. She credits the Hawaiian principles of forgiveness, generosity and grace with helping her to achieve a healthy and vibrant life.

    Yvonne’s unique approach combining intuition, healing and business savvy have made her an in-demand expert who helps busy, successful women connect deeper with their passion, power and purpose.

    As a coach and speaker, Yvonne often incorporates hula so participants experience how movement energizes the body and stimulates the mind. Yvonne is a Certified Hawaiian Shamanic Practitioner, hula instructor and dancer who has performed and competed on the mainland and in Hawai’i. She currently lives with her husband in Northern California.