• Ready to make a quantum leap in your life or business?

    VIP Intensives are 1:1 sessions for those who are ready to take action and create the life of their dreams.

    Your VIP Intensive consists of laser-focused coaching, customized to address your immediate as well as long-term priorities and needs.

    Ways to Use Your VIP Intensive for Your Life:

    • Acknowledge Where You Are In One or More Areas of Your Life
    • Identify Where You Want To Be With Your Health, Wealth or Relationships
    • Establish Alignment With Your Values and Choices
    • Heal Past Wounds That Are Keeping You Stuck In Old Patterns
    • Create A Step-By-Step Plan To Create Your Life of Passion and Purpose

    Ways to Use Your VIP Intensive for Your Business:

    • Create a 3-, 6-, 12-, or 18-Month Plan
    • Review and Enhance Your Product Offerings
    • Determine New Income Streams
    • Map Out Your Sales Funnel
    • Create a Marketing & Promotional Calendar
    • Design an Editorial Calendar for Your Newsletter, Blog or Social Media Posts
    • Outline Your Signature Talk
    • Re-purpose Your Intellectual Property into  Teleclasses and Webinars
    • Plan A Workshop, Conference, Retreat or other Live Event
    • Streamline Processes for Your Business, including: Client Attraction, Prospect Conversion, Enrollment Conversations, Follow Up, Client Care and Communication


    Half-Day VIP Intensives

    Each Half-Day VIP Intensive is 3-hours and is held in-person or virtually (via Skype or phone). A Half-Day VIP Intensive has two options:

    • Option 1:  3-hr. session
    • Option 2: 2-hr. session + 1-hr. follow-up call

    Full-Day VIP Intensives

    A Full-Day VIP Intensive is 6-hours and is held in-person or virtually (via Skype or phone).A Full-Day VIP Intensive consists of two 3-hour sessions on the same day, with a break in between the two sessions.

    There are a limited number of Full-Day VIP Intensives available each year.