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    Live more passionately, love more fully, and lead more confidently when you discover your Goddess Personality Type® and reconnect with your true purpose and self.

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    Speaking That Inspires

    “I attended an incredible event with Yvonne. When she got up on stage and explained how we were going to feel and how we were going to experience things; it was amazing. And at the end of it I felt so grounded!” – Trudy Scott, Author, The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution, Sydney, Australia"


    When you attend a Hula for the Soul® workshop, training or retreat, you embark on a journey to the place where possibility meets reality. You'll experience a true transformation that results in lasting change.

  • Create a life that leverages your intrinsic gifts and talents to their fullest. Using a proprietary method based on seven unique personality types, you'll discover how easy it is to create a life fully aligned with your who you are.

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  • Are you looking for a dynamic and interactive speaker for your next event? High-tech consultant, native-Hawaiian storyteller and lifelong hula dancer, Yvonne combines ancient wisdom with modern practicality to create a unique experience for your attendees.

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  • Experience a live event hosted by Hula for the Soul® and discover how much fun you can have while tapping into your feminine power. Choose from creative workshops, interactive trainings, and one-of-a-kind retreats.

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  • Hawai'i Retreat

  • About

  • Hula for the Soul® was established in 2010 by Yvonne Ohumukini Urness to help women step into their better, stronger, more confident selves.

    A former association management executive and currently a strategic communications consultant in Silicon Valley, Yvonne realized she had achieved success on numerous levels, but there was still an emptiness; a sense that there was “more” to being fulfilled than just a 6-figure paycheck.

    So she began a soul-searching journey that led her back to her roots as a native Hawaiian. A lifelong hula dancer, she knew many of the stories and legends of her ancestors. The lessons and teachers showed up one after the other and the more she delved into the ancient ways, the more she found they applied to modern times.